………. A short time perhaps when measured by the calendar, but endlessly long to gallop through, as I have done, at times accompanied by splendid people, advice, applause, and orchestral music, but basically alone …………. Franz Kafka, “A Report for an Academy”.

How many artists of all descriptions have not felt like this at some time in their own lives? I know I have, and do.


To all who suffered trauma and devastating loss of life, animals and property in our recent horrific fires around the country and in all countries, may you gain strength to rise from the ashes and re-grow your losses?


Once again we face that time when many people seem to rush like lemmings towards the end of the year.  The insanity of: over spending, over eating and drinking, add fast driving to that mix and you have disaster.

Next year will not improve unless you start that improvement yourself.  I hope many officials in Government are reading this and apply the concept as well.

Safety and sanity for 2019, except to creatives. They know if they practiced safety and sanity they would not be in the arts in the first place.