Our Pets acknowledge the wild life in their garden – Dr Dawn Gould


MARGUERITE:  “I would like to tell you about our garden.  We see many birds, some build their nests and raise their chicks here. Others come to find food, which might be available and then fly somewhere else. There are those who enjoy and feed on mulberries, loquats, cape goose berries, others push their long beaks into the soil to find food that way, some peck all the tiny seeds that grow around and in the lawns.

Swallow Tail Butterfly


But  there are quite different  creatures who either live in the garden underground (moles) or above ground and seen as they fly about – damseflies, dragonflies, butterflies,  bees and many other insects seeking food. By the way I had a tiny taste of honey from our bees recently, wonderful. “




GOYA:   “I have just been given a spot of yogurt with strawberries.  Beak smacking nice! My lady vet did say yogurt in small quantities could be part of my diet.  I am also offered some water melon, apple and banana. An offering of grape isn’t bad but not my favourite.  I did hear that one of my cousins has had to be put on a diet because he was enjoying too many caramel covered nuts.  Imagine!  Every visit one makes to the vet means a check to make sure that you are in good health.  Anyway now I am going to watch the different coloured butterflies flying about.  We have already seen some larvae about but at seeing this my human gets a little testy as they quickly eat certain of her plants.  But as she usually says when she has got over her shredded plants, everyone has to eat to live.


HONEY BELLE:  “ I have been given a stern talking to! I was trying to be friendly with a skink and a guinea fowl and thought we could chase each other around – good exercise you know.  But that reasoning was not accepted.



I think the skink heard my stern talking to and now comes from under red and pink pelargonium plants and strolls to the containers that have large succulents plants growing therein.


Meanwhile white cabbage  butterflies flutter about. These came – I heard the humans talking – from Europe to the Western Cape around 1994. We have also seen a swallow tail butterfly. Oh yes I nearly forgot we went to watch the International Kite Festival last week – I got quite excited at all those colourful pictures flying high in the sky.”