I thought if you were born in a country, no matter where your parents came from, you would be considered a citizen of that country.  More so if you lived all your life, worked and contributed to the growth of the people and the economy of the country.

Why are there apparently divisions between different colours of South Africans?  Why is a black South African more of a South African than a white, brown, yellow person?   Are we not continuing with apartheid thinking with this approach?  Stereotyping people is never a good thing.

I have been labeled a Coloniast because I am white.  My family came to this country because of war, famine and persecution like many other people who are coming to our country from our African neighbours.

I have been asked how it feels to be a Barbie in the New South Africa.  If I were to comment publicly on someone else’s figure I could be called a racist. (No, I do not consider being described as a `Barbie’ complimentary, especially as it is derogatory to women)  Isn’t it time we saw each other as human beings first, however different, rather than as a racial profile.  Until we can accept differences in our heritage and still find common ground can we ever live in acceptance and respect of each other?