Picnics with Our Animals – Dr Dawn Gould


MARGUERITE:  “Early one Sunday morning  we noticed that the picnic bags were on the kitchen table and were being packed with food for lunch for the humans and  for us three.  A number of filled water bottles were also included.  There was excitement in the air when after a while the house was locked and we were on our way.”


GOYA: “ I was sitting on my humans lap in the front of the car and realized that this was not a usual outing. Excitement reigned.”

“I heard the word Darling – was that my new name, Darling?  No that was the name of a small agricultural town. It had been named after a governor of the Cape in 1852 Sir Charles Henry Darling.  That is what my human said!”  My human took photos of some of the beautiful and colourful colours at a Wild Flower Reserve.  We were driven to the sea side, those dogs had some windy walks and a good lunch.”


HONEY BELLE:  “Where were we going I wondered?  For some hours  the motor car kept moving . We began to hear cries of look at all of those beautiful flowers!  Photographs were taken.  The car came to a halt, we were taken for a short walk, offered water and started our on our way homeward bound.”