KOJAK  – THE South African Police Dog – DR DAWN GOULD

KOJAK, a German Shepherd,  was a search and rescue dog attached to the K9 Unit in the Eastern Cape.    For eight years he worked with his handler WO E.Gerber and when he was diagnosed with cancer it was the same man who cared for him until KOJAK was put out of his pain.


A photograph shows a handsome animal who during his working life “completed 665 search and rescue operations.”  He rescued five people and recovered 275 bodies.  The searches took him into gorges, hanging from a helicopter to reach a difficult site.  He was taken in 2013 to a rescue effort down a mine shaft, near Lake Victoria, Tanzania. He also searched for a missing school teacher whose husband had been accused of her murder.


When reading the details of the working life of KOJAK one quickly comes to realize the very close and trusting relationship that must have been between this animal and the Warrant Officer.



MARGUERITE :   When my very special human is at work I have her whole bed to myself – of course I really am not supposed to sleep there after all I have my own basket, mattress and blankets but it is ever so comfy  to spread myself on a larger area.



I like to watch the Gecko Lizard who eats insects and is able, using his toe pads, to climb up the ceilings and walls.  They do like to be inside the house. Of course while I am watching the gecko, Honey Belle tries to take over but I do not allow that (sigh), remembering the share deal we agreed to, I let her snooze on a small part. She likes my company.


HONEY BELLE :  I let her share my human’s bed.

MARGUERITE:  I am two years older than you, that is a perk .


GOYA:  Is’nt that just like girls squabbling over a bed.   Me, oh well now I have the whole of my human’s bed – she even lets me run to the pillows  and play hide and seek with her.  Of course I always win.