Have we become out of touch with what is important and of value in life?  Do individuals decide what is important in their lives not what others find important?  Social media provides platforms to spread idle speculation and pics with generosity that is worthless and at times very unpleasant.

Photos of people sitting/standing with a drink in hand or eating leaves me stone cold sober.  I hadn’t realized eating and drinking was such a spectator sport.  And no, I do not want to participate even as a passive spectator.

We are what we eat.  And when I look around me I find what I see very disturbing. Body sizes range from the extremely thin to the grossly overweight.  This appears not to be limited to one income group either as both types are found among the very poor and the very wealthy but for different reasons.

The type, quantity and reasons for eating have a huge role to play in eating patterns.  And personality!  Personality and how we react to situations whether it is boredom, upset, anger, stress or day to day worries.

I am not a patron of fast food.  I enjoy cooking. Yes, it is work but work can be enjoyable and what more productive and creative can you get than feeding yourself, family and friends with healthy and tasty life giving food.

Creativity and problem solving is also suffering from this wide spread social media garbage which in many cases diminishes the quality of everything.

Conformity appears to be the death of creativity in all forms of endeavour.  Achieving a so called standard appears to kill creativity.