I will be introducing my pets one by one in this column with their take on life and interaction with the humans from ImagineMag!

GOYA is a handsome parrot whose origin is Senegal, West Africa.

Does he aspire to the famous Spanish artist Francisco de Goya?  No, his name G O Y A  is derived from the initials of the  colours of his lovely feathers:  green, orange, yellow and azure.

A social little chap who likes his head and tummy tickled.  Considered the clown of his specie it is very entertaining when he rolls on his back and kicks his legs in the air as an invitation.  But be very aware of where that beak is as he is very quick to nip with that very sharp beak of his.

That’s her version but you will be hearing my version in the future.



MARGUERITE is a small dainty little female with a loving personality.

BUT let an unknown cat strut around her garden and suddenly one views a racing dynamo seeing the visitor off her property.

MARGUERITE  – I was named after our humans mother so I must behave in a ladylike manner.



Honey Belle




My name is Honey Belle.  Please note Belle is spelled with an E at the end.  I am very particular at good spelling because I often hear my human say it is important when one writes to spell the words correctly.

HONEY BELLE  is an  affectionate, attractive and strong girl.  She is accomplished at enticing extra  doggy biscuits from her humans.