Babies do not come with instruction manuals. No guarantee if they did that anyone would be able to read them, understand or apply the knowledge acquired.

When you want or need to take out a bond or loan on anything with a bank the first thing you have to prove is can you afford it? If for a business, a business plan and a very strong proposal for future growth.

Children are expensive to feed, cloth and educate and seem to be staying around supportive parents for much longer than they used to. Yes I know about human rights but what about the unborn child? Who is protecting their rights and the quality of life they will have if born into poverty and misery?

When you demand your right to anything you should be prepared to take the responsibility that comes with it.  Are children not more important than anything you can buy?  But nevertheless they come at enormous cost.

As children grow older, those that survive childhood, there is no up-skilling of parents on how to handle that developmental growth.

In many cases children struggle into adulthood without too much parental intervention and some like plants thrive and others even with enormous assistance don’t.

Should children be taught whilst still young how to manage their lives and their bodies?

Potential minefield here as  different cultures have different beliefs on these subjects, not better, different.  But this is where thinking should come into the process not dogma but critical thinking on what I want from my life, how do I create the quality of life and work that I want.

So many people seem to spend their working lives simply existing for the paycheck and their weekends and holidays.