Relationships between Humans and Animals – DR DAWN GOULD

Why do human beings become so involved with pets?  There are many answers the most obvious is that they can be wonderful companions.

They are however expensive to feed, to keep healthy, clean and  exercised so as  not to become bored and annoy neighbours with excessive barking or digging holes between boundary fences to escape.  This should all be carefully considered before taking a creature into your home.

Pets have provided  affection, comfort and a sense of security through  the centuries and today are very much part of the human lifestyle. A pet will listen as one talks to them and not be judgemental.

Think of the useful dogs: for the blind, Service dogs in the army and police

Animals/pets have also in the past and probably still today, taken on the role of inspiring authors, musicians, dancers acting as the Muse

We will be introducing some of these animals, as they come to our attention, in their different ways.