May Editorial

So much of who we are and what we become is beyond our control: Our genetic make-up, whether we have good parents who provide what is necessary, where we are born and what the economic and political conditions of the time are like.  These and many other facts will determine how we grow physically and mentally.

Our culture is in many cases pre-determined by all of the above.  Religion is implemented at a very early age and becomes, as does much of our learning, acquiring knowledge by rote without much thought or understanding.

It is only later that an individual starts to think and question for themselves, if they ever do.  However to raise questions on any subject and understand the answers, not necessarily what you either expect or want to hear, one should have a fair amount of knowledge on your subject.

Talking and listening are two very important skills but then there must come – action.  With our country heading for the election glut of speeches without end it will be interesting to see who listens let alone proposes a course of action and then carries it out for the benefit of all.

When I read the various articles in ImagineMag! I am always so impressed with the incredible talent we have in this country and the diversity of culture that leads people along their chosen pathway, rocky and fraught with problems that it may be.

We have an abundance of talent in the creative fields that does not lead to drinking and driving, drug taking or attacking security guards.  As individuals yes, everyone is capable of violence especially if provoked but I have yet to see a ballet dancer jump on and kick a spectator, an artist stab someone with a paintbrush or a musician hurl their violin or saxophone at anyone.

Let us encourage the finer arts and find creative ways of resolving our issues.