So much that is done today to allegedly help the poor or assist arts and culture is done without either knowledge or understanding of what needs to be done or how to do it.  Throwing money at things is not going to achieve long term positive growth or development.

Living in a world of crime and corruption, governed by politicians more interested in power than people it is difficult keeping a balanced perspective. With the Arts constantly struggling to survive but billions being wasted on corrupt schemes and greed it is therefore with great pleasure that I received the article about Joburg Orchestra and Ballet.

But what nearly tipped my emotional scale in the completely opposite direction was reading Erica du Toit’s beautifully written article on Segregation for people with Disability

I came away thinking I must never, never complain about the unfairness of life.

Coupled with the soft, gentle rain that has been falling, seeing the plant life rejuvenated with just this little amount of life giving water and couple that with the most spectacular of lighting and thunder displays that only nature can truly pull off, I feel invigorated to carry on the good fight – wherever it takes me.