The drought here in Cape Town has raised quite a few cultural issues in my mind.

Culture of any one group or another never stays the same, culture is not static. People have to change and adapt to situations as they arise.

As with cooking, cultures adapt to using the available products when moving to new countries and now it is going to happen with severe water restrictions.  Water-less cooking that does not require too many utensils in need of washing after the meal.  More finger food will also bring about great creativity.  I have developed a very simple dough base which I then roll out into squares and fill with whatever I feel like and have available at the time. Fold the squares into triangles, seal edges and bake for about 20 minutes and there you go.  Quick, easy and tasty and you can make sweet or savoury with only slight adaptations.

It also encourages people to be creative through need and then find they are enjoying the process and making money.  Entrepreneurship will be stimulated through this need. Grey water will not be wasted but used. Recently I have heard about a local man who has patented a container to fit over the cistern of the toilet so the gray water can be poured into the container and flushed directly from this after the water supply has been turned off. A wonderful idea for future use in many different ways .

Unfortunately it will also bring out those who will capitalize on the general populations difficulties and, in many cases, ignorance and fear. But the economy will be stimulated and that is what is needed so it is not such a bad thing, is it?