2018 and we are off to a flying start.  Positivity here we come.  Let’s get things done.  Shake off your lethargy people, holidays are behind us and everyone needs to get stuck into work, those lucky (hard working) enough to have work.

Lack of planning is the reason many workers are not more productive.  I am taking the leap of faith and presuming they are suitably trained and equipped both mentally and physically to cope?  Then they need knowledgeable supervision and motivation by whoever is accountable for doing whatever needs to be done to make sure the work gets correctly done accurately and in the necessary time allocated.

Accountable!   Does that still have validity in our world where very few people seem to take either responsibility or accountability for their actions?

I note Mr Cyril Ramaphosa is punting the training of entrepreneurship at schools.  When working as a self employed person (entrepreneurial I hope) you have to take responsibility for everything you do and everything others do for you otherwise you will realize very quickly what being accountable means.

Cultural background and family, education and training have an enormous impact on how children learn and what aptitudes and attitudes they develop.

For anyone to learn, food for the body and education for the brain is needed for development to take place.  We really do have to look at this in combination in the deprived communities to stop further deterioration of human lives.


Why is our country failing in so many areas when it has so much raw talent, raw material and the most precious of all, wonderful people?


Resources are not always  being managed, maintained and trained for the benefit of all.  How do we change this failing situation?  The same as with teaching children.  Decide on what is a priority and keep on until you get it right using as many creative methods as possible to get the lesson learned.   Move on to the next priority not forgetting to compound the already learned lessons. There is no easy way. Positive change will occur as soon as systems that work and bring justified rewards are in place.


Working hard and productively is so rewarding.  Try it everyone and let me know what and how you are achieving your priority.  Let us make this our new Culture.