At the end of the year many do a lot of house-keeping and tidying up either because they expect visitors or because they have holidays and have the time to do so.  I am doing some housekeeping and some forward planning for ImagineMag!


Event listing Reminder:    You can upload your own event on ImagineMag!  All you have to do is register, provide a password and then login.   You can update at any time that suits you, add all your details as well as pics and directions.

Submissions:     Under this title you will find the requirements if you would like to submit an article.


I am considering changing and adding a few categories and input is welcome email me if  you have bright ideas.


An interesting website that I have recently come across might be of great help to school leavers as well as all teens preparing for their future 

Check it out and let me know as well as the webmaster of careerpad who is very keen to receive input from teenagers, parent,, teachers and other interested individuals.   This site contains a wealth of information for those who want to help themselves.

And on that note, may all our readers, past, present and future have a healthy and safe holiday period whatever they do whatever they celebrate. May 2018 be more positive and our government move into positive constructive mode so we  can all enjoy the incredible benefits and beauty South Africa has to offer without fear or loss of work.

For those not so happy at this time of year you might like to look at an interesting article from Diane Maris