Music and Mind-Body-Spirit – an Elixir Extraordinaire! – Diane Maris

The summer holiday season is traditionally seen as a time for fun in the sun, parties and  gift-giving.

While this all sounds wonderful (and it certainly can be), there are times during the holidays when these so-called “fun” events can become pressurizing and fraught with intensity, as families and friends gather to celebrate Christmas and holiday cheer.


  • Maybe you are not feeling like being with a big crowd day-in-and-day-out.
  • Maybe you are really experiencing times of loneliness and you wish that you COULD feel part of a big celebration.
  • Maybe you’re just so tired after a long and busy year, that you would prefer to celebrate without too much fuss and energy spent on the details of entertaining.


Have you thought of giving yourself a gift during this time?

Perhaps allowing yourself some time-out from the pressure of commitments?


Why not Drop-In at The Healing Room (in Claremont) for a 45 minute dose of emotional refreshment and rejuvenation?


You will be treated to a guided music-listening process, followed by time to draw and play with COLOURS

No art experience is required:  Just you and your creative Inner Child.


To book a slot, for yourself (or give a gift of this opportunity to a friend – you can even bring your Mom or husband or wife or daughter with you to enjoy some creativity together).

Email, phone or wattsappDiane: 082-926-0548

I look forward to welcoming you into my space of calm and peace and rest.