People often rely on the beliefs, of the customs, ideals and behavior patterns with which they have grown up.  As they move away from a long term rural or small town residence,  perhaps to a suburb of a city,  they may find themselves in an environment which has taken on ideas gained from radio, TV, newspapers or different religious preaching.  Suddenly the older culture from which they had been surrounded takes on different values.  Values that are not necessarily superior or an improvement on their health practices.

One cannot totally blame unknown surroundings and a different cultural lifestyle for poor health as ignorance and inescapable poverty could be the causes.  However, consider the fear that sometimes overtakes parents in refusing to allow their children to be inoculated against possible future illnesses.  They will hold firmly to the beliefs of a past culture.  Advertisements will attract adults and children to sugar laden cool drinks, packets of salted chips – junk food. Women, whether their health is in a good state or not may be encouraged to have as many children as is possible even if their income is practically nonexistent. Why? Because children may be considered as the future bread winners or carers of the older or sickly generation.

Women too may suddenly find themselves in a world which demands slim female bodies. Certain advertisements will convince them to lose weight on foolish and unhealthy diets. Young men nearing adult hood have suffered from untrained individuals during the circumcision period causing terrible damage to the young lives. In other words some practices from a different cultural habit could be a poor influential factor regarding health.