Is Business Assisting the Arts?  Are PR companies relevant?     Amy Gould

There seems to be a movement towards Big Business becoming involved in assisting selected Arts & Cultural Organizations.

That is good news. Or is it?


Good, yes, if there is a clear understanding and agreement of what is expected from both sides.

Good, if there is a transfer of business skills to the organization concerned so that they can grow in areas that are deficient, if that is what is needed.

Good, if the organization has members willing and able to implement these business skills.  Skills are fine but useless if not meticulously applied in the daily running of the organization’s affairs.


Bad if Big Business is looking at how they can further their own aims with very little interest in working with the organization for its development and growth.  Part of furthering their own aims is to acquire the data base so that they have the potential to promote their own interests.

Bad if they put on their Cultural Sheep’s Clothing and send PR articles of how their products/services are so artistic and have real relevance in the cultural field and therefore to support the Arts you should buy their product or service.


There are some very good PR people who write well and provide a service but nevertheless they should all be taking a radical re-wiring (see July editorial for more)  to stay relevant and remember nothing is for nothing, there is always a price to pay.  Should you not re-structure your ways of working and the way you expect others to work for you, you will soon become irrelevant.  Social Media is here to stay.

The purpose of business is to generate an income to grow the business and provide a profit for the owners.

The purpose of Arts & Cultural Organizations, not all, seems to be to create works of Art and to do so by receiving funding.  That is where their thinking has to take a radical re-wiring and start broadening the focus to selling the product or service generated and generate and income for their work.  This is Social Development at it’s finest when developing artists and generating income are intertwined.