With the current state of the country and the affect it is having on every aspect of our lives it is vital that we re-think how we run our businesses and our lives as they go hand in hand with survival. The first Snowflake of 2017 in the garden outside my office window reinforces my feeling that it is definitely time for change.

Many people are experiencing a feeling of paralysis as they wonder what will happen with our volatile political situation.  But that is an emotional reaction of fear and trepidation.  We cannot afford to do nothing and wait for the worst to happen, whatever that might be, or for things to improve.  We must improve our own lives and those in our circle of influence.

There are so many opportunities for growth in bad times but they have to be accompanied by a willingness to change the way we always did things.  That is where many  seem to find the stumbling block but change we must.  Politics changes our lives whether we like it or not.

Let us start with the worst impact we are experiencing from our political situation – Corruption in so many forms in so many places.  Some so insidious that at first you are not aware of it.  Greed can be very blinding when common sense is overtaken by the desire to possess what you know you cannot afford.

Isn’t this a marketing ploy that is much punted, you must either satisfy your clients needs or desires.  Guess which is the strongest emotion?

We are faced with inferior education and extreme poverty in certain communities which adds to the mix.  Buyer beware, is a maxim that is a well known phrase but how many fully understand the legality of different kinds of contracts no matter how carefully they are explained.  Think of balloon payments for cars, insurance contracts, hire purchase agreements, credit cards, loans and bonds, banking costs and on and on we can go providing examples.

The purpose of acquiring knowledge is to benefit oneself one way or another but to use that knowledge knowing full well that the buyer/client is not in your league in the knowledge stakes in your negotiations seems like an unfair practice.

The lack of suitable training and education in work of all descriptions is leading to horrific implications for all of us.  This is where that seed of corruption can take place and germinate having been fed on lies and greed into becoming massively invasive weeds surviving only to feed itself and spawn its own seed.

In Government at both Provincial and National levels there are people in positions who are not qualified or trained for the work they should be doing and are not being held accountable for the problems they are creating for all of us.

In all kinds of business one finds the search for profit is the strongest motivator.  Quality is sacrificed to make bigger profits.

But let’s not give things grand names like Corruption  – let’s call it what it is – stealing, lying and cheating.  Let’s get rid of people who have been found guilty of crimes and replace them with people who can do the job and make sure they remain honest in the process. This will be the real challenge.