In this edition of ImagineMag there is an interesting selection of work and coupled with what is happening around me has provided much food for thought and changes in direction of some of my activities.

Two things are predominantly in my mind: one is trust the other is value.

We go through life constantly having to trust other people to treat us well and not to harm us, to provide us with the service or product we have paid for.  Hopefully we do that in our business, whatever that might be, and in our personal interaction with people. But do we, or is that being too idealistic even to expect that of other people and ourself?

How to put a value on anything:  Yourself, the work you do, the product or service you provide.

Is this also not tied to the trust issue – a fair price for work well done and with the best intentions to do no harm?  Or is value placed only on how badly you need or want the product or service?

We seem to be swimming in a Sea of corruption surrounded by ravenous sharks of gigantic proportions with appetites to match their size. Individuals and Small Business appear to have little chance of surviving these predators unless they grow to an equal size and prolong the cycle.

My kicker question, is funding productive and beneficial?  Or do Artistic and Creative Endeavours = inability to become financially viable.  Do companies that are dependent on funding ever become self sufficient – should they?  This does not include those charitable organizations that support the poor and destitute and victims of disasters.

Sponsorship is provided in the belief that both parties will benefit and perhaps we should all be looking at this.  But once again one is faced with matching parties of equal size.  Are there any niche market companies out there?  I would love to hear from them.

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