Life is like driving a car. You get in your car to drive from where you are to where you want to be. Unless you are simply driving around aimlessly which it appears is sometimes the case.

When driving we do not know where the other drivers are going, what their purpose is and above all what their intentions are once they have arrived at their destination.

But we are all using the road and supposedly obeying the rules of the road.    But do we, or do we obey the rules only when we feel like it, when it suits us, or when we know we are  being watched by a traffic officer?   (Thought!   When last did you see a traffic officer on the road?)

That stop street that you skate across when you see a gap between cars because you do not want to wait and you are in a rush.  Well perhaps that other driver cannot imagine that you would be so stupid as to pull out in front of him and put both your lives at risk.  Yes, I know we should treat everyone on the road as mindless, stupid and probably with a death wish.    But there are some good responsible people out there, aren’t there?

And isn’t this how many people live their lives? Rules are for other people to follow and obey but not them.   And of course your needs, desires or ambitions are more important than anyone else’s.

What is right and won’t harm others or themselves appears not to exist in many people’s vocabulary. Perhaps it is survival of the fittest but is survival all we are aiming at?