At the beginning of a spanking new year after many festivities it is time to decide what our priorities will be for 2017.

Yes, I do have a specific objective in mind and one that is beneficial to everyone. Reading!

I was fortunate enough to have parents who loved reading.  Vastly differing in their taste of books we were encouraged to read whatever took our fancy.  No literature snobbery. No age appropriate choices.  You read what you liked when you liked.  My father collected books and onto our bookshelves they went for us to read if we chose.

Fortunate to have been allowed this freedom of choice I developed my own likes and dislikes and was not limited in any way.  The books captured my imagination and a superb high school English and Latin teacher did the rest.

But let us think about reading and some of the benefits –   to be informed, to be entertained – to educate.  Notice I did not mention books I said read.  If you choose to use computers, eBooks or whatever suits you it does not matter because reading is also listening.  Listening to the author, to the instructor to whoever is trying to impart knowledge.  Two of the biggest learning tools humans have are their eyes and ears – and so few use them. Please read the article on Germaine Shames and her book that has became a stage production and is now available as an audio book.

Perhaps authors and publishers should think about making books/reading matter available on different platforms so that people can choose.  This way more young people might read or listen as they seem to spend so much time on cell phones, laptops etc.

In my work capacity I am dreaming up all kinds of ideas for new works that will continue this way forward.  This will be shared when they are more concrete.  Should anyone like to contact me to discuss ideas they would be most welcome.