As we head towards 2017 many of us will be thinking about what happened in 2016 and how it affected us both individually and as a country.  2016 has been a turbulent year fraught with many complexities, some of our own making and many brought about through our government and the lack of follow up of political promises and the ever prevalent corruption.  Lack of improved education, housing, work and job creation – do I need to go on?

But what can we as ordinary citizens do to resolve issues that, in many cases, are beyond even our comprehension let alone resolution?  Is this not the case with many of our governmental employees and  politicians many whom, having achieved positions way beyond their ability and understanding,  now have us all floating in a quagmire of very muddy waters?  Is it not time to employ both experienced and qualified people to run the country?

I find there is a great sense of negativity and uncertainty around what is going to happen.  I hear business people talk about opportunity being there when times are tough.  But for whom?  Not the poor or needy.  The only ones I see benefiting from this current situation are those able to take advantage of those in need.

To end on a lighter note for 2016 please keep your articles rolling in.  I cannot publish everything I receive for many reasons but I do enjoy reading them and getting to know you through your work.  Those who will be holidaying over December/January, enjoy and be safe.

Those who still have not decided what to do for the end of the year and the beginning  of next year what about taking a walk on ………………………..


A  champagne GALA performance on New Year’s Eve, 31st Dec, 2016, at 22h00.

Join the full CAPE TOWN CITY BALLET Co in the ARTSCAPE Theatre as it dances its way into 2017 with a programme that includes ballets to the music of Gerschwin and Glazunov, and features glimpses of the past year and a look to the future.

Tickets are R250 for a magical evening!