With all the heightened tension around us it is difficult to be positive and to look ahead with confidence.  However having an enforced rest, due to illness, has given my ever active mind time to roam among the many byways that this politically motivated unrest has caused.

My mind touched on families and how often fights break out over all sorts of perceived and sometimes real injustices and unfairness meted out by the hierarchy.  When families fight often events that occurred in the long distant past are brought up.  Events that many, whom it did not affect, have long since forgotten.  And is this not what we all do?  Take notice and umbrage at what affects us and ignore what doesn’t

Past injustices will never be forgotten until they are addressed and corrected.  However it takes a very cool mind to look at our problems and find solutions especially for education as that is the way forward.

I do not believe that giving people everything for nothing is the answer.  After a while one finds people on the receiving end all but have resentment t towards the very people helping them.  A resentment based on the fact that they do not have what others who are helping them have.  Conveniently forgetting that many people have worked very hard to achieve whatever they have and everything was not given to them either.  It had to be worked for.

A request for everyone to engage in ways forward not just this rhetoric constantly sprouted and taking us nowhere.  And let us start at the beginning with our early learning programs as that is where our future adequately equipped population will come from.

And please people, everyone neither needs nor are they equipped to study at a university.  Upgrade and increase technicons and bring back training centers with apprentiships for every kind of training you can imagine.  It is the life blood of any country and especially our beloved but crying country.