Encouraging Healing Through Creativity and Art

 Butterfly Art Project at Capricorn Primary School • Vrygrond Avenue 115 • Vrygrond 7945 • Cape Town

The fun of learning Art

The fun of learning Art

Butterfly Art Project (BAP) encourages creativity and healing through art to vulnerable kids and adults in the community. BAP offers safe spaces and platforms for self-expression as many of the participants face different kinds of trauma and poverty every day.

The Butterfly Art Project is divided into several departments which include:
Art for CPS: Art classes as part of the South African Education Curriculum  during schooling hours for Grade 3 to 7 classes, where we teach 450 pupils
per week.

Art for Pre-schoolers is a program where groups of children aged 4-5 years old, from 6 informal Educare Centres (100 participants) in the Vrygrond
community are taught art and school readiness.

Art Therapy: Art therapy classes for kids that from the area who often ace trauma, psychiatric disorders, physical disability, mental retardation and
learning disabilities. This course rehabilitates and offers therapeutic and healthy ways of dealing with social disorders.

Art Outreach: This department teaches art to 220 participants after school hours with objectives that include confidence building, financial incentives for
artists, encouragement in creative solutions to problems and safe spaces for each participant.

Art Outreach:
The Heart for Art program within the Art Outreach department targets beneficiaries outside of school hours aged from 6 years to adulthood. This platform provides our learners with the opportunity to express themselves using several different art mediums and offer a safe space for each of them to grow positively irrespective of the vulnerable living conditions they face every day.

The Vrygrond community sadly faces several social issues such as teenage pregnancy, gangsterism, drugs, violence and poverty. It is therefore a necessity that the Butterfly Art project not only provides a space for these individuals to find a safe, positive outlet to the
trauma they may face, but also to develop citizens of South Africa that are resilient, self confident and celebrated for the artworks that they create.

This daily after school hour program offers not only offers art to a large group of children from the Capricorn Primary School but also to other members of the community. The program makes use of the art skills and talents of the BAP staff and volunteers to offer quality art classes. Each class has a curriculum with activities and goals for each lesson. A monitoring tool has been developed to evaluate the goals, the artistic process and the
behaviour of each child. The program provides a platform for support groups where each child can experience a sense of belonging.

In doing so the Heart for Art program has extended its classes to 10 classes per week and serves currently over 170 beneficiaries. Our groups include several different art mediums that explore particular fields of interests that these individuals can not only learn from, but apply in their daily lives.

We look forward to hearing from you  especially if you would like to help

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The People who make the Butterfly Project fly

The People who make the Butterfly Project fly