Recently while listening to a radio program, one of the speakers referred to the spelling of the English language as weird! The statement was understood to mean:   peculiar or odd or maybe even unconventional.  Some thought had to be given to this theory.

Out came the dictionaries and the search for a yay or nay suggested by the above definition.

Examples in the sense of “odd” were:

The word READ. Read is pronounced reed and the past tense of read is pronounced red;  

To pull up a car’s brakes  is heard as break;

Choir( a group of singers)  may also sound like quire (sheets of paper).

There are many of these spellings.  It could be argued that it does not make sense but then one has to consider the history of the British Isles over many centuries when different tribes or countries over ran the Isles and brought different languages to mix with local words.  The above words are the result of time and cross fertilization.