2017 Cape Town Carnival to celebrate South Africa’s rich diversity through Ocean theme

THE CAPE TOWN CARNIVAL, a spectacular street parade 18 March 2017

The Cape Town Carnival is a glamorous celebration of the transformative power of creativity and our African identity with its diverse array of communities and cultures. Every year, this 1 day festive occasion inspires Cape Town and its people to create, build and play together.


A unique offering

Thousands of spectators from all over the world converge annually on Green Point’s famous Fan Walk to enjoy the extravagant parade of costumed performers, musicians and moving floats. Spectators are entertained and at the same exposed to the culture of Cape Town where thousands of community performers& musicians from many diverse cultural groups participate; dancing and shimmying their way along the 1.2km parade route.

The Cape Town Carnival continues to build its reputation as South Africa’s pre-eminent carnival, building on active programs of job creation, skills development and community empowerment through art, music, creativity and celebration of our vibrant culture.


The theme

The Cape Town Carnival theme is AMAZA! ~ Ocean Odyssey. From sunny beaches, rock pools & seashells, surfers and sunshine, to our place at the confluence of two oceans: The Atlantic & Indian Oceans. The Ocean is a world of possibilities.


Beyond turbulence and uncertainty, there’s hope & smooth sailing. Go with the flow but navigate your way as we discover a South African ocean adventure for the Cape Town Carnival 2017.

Walk on the Promenade. Play on the beach. Imagine the Strandlopers who first walked these shores. See dolphins, penguins & fishermen. Surf the waves. Dive deep beneath the surface into mystery, magic and wonder. See strange & amazing creatures from another world. Discover treasure, perhaps even Atlantis!  We may return but we’ll never be the same.



When and where

On the 18 of March 2017 spectators will have the freedom of the city streets on the Green Point Fan Walk.

Over 2 000 dazzling costumed performers and musicians will take to Cape Town’s Fan Walk, entertaining viewers with floats and vibrant dance routines. The parade will be followed by a thumping street party, showcasing some of SA’s hottest musical talent


Further information about the Cape Town Carnival:

Cape Town Carnival strives to be a sustainable street parade that showcases and celebrates the diversity of Cape Town and South Africa and in time is placed on the international tourism calendar.


Its mission is to:

Provide opportunities for community participation in arts and culture and create a significant hub for the clothing, costume and set-building industries in the Western Cape.

Create employment and training opportunities in costume, float design and production as well as large event logistics.

Create an environment of social cohesion where tourists and locals can experience the glamour and creativity of the Carnival throughout the year.


The Cape Town Carnival is a glamorous celebration of African identity, diverse communities and the transformative power of creativity. The event brings people together in celebration and impacts the social, cultural and economic environment along the way.

Carnival event provides opportunities for arts and culture activity in areas and schools that previously would not have had a purpose or incentive to do so

The Carnival event stimulates the participation of groups and individuals who would not have had the opportunity or incentive to engage and work together otherwise


For more information on the 2017 Cape Town Carnival, visit www.capetowncarnival.com, like them on Facebook www.facebook.com/TheCapeTownCarnival, follow them on Twitter @CTCarnival or Instagram @capetowncarnival and use the hashtags #CTCarnival2017 and #AMAZAOceanOdyssey.