OTHERWISE Group Exhibition

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26 April – 2 June 2016

Time: 18:30 for 19:00







We are proud to announce the opening of Sosesame gallery in the heart of the trendy suburb of Melville, Johannesburg. Sosesame gallery launches towards the end of April with thirty artists exhibiting their work.

Our vision is to establish a professional gallery space that nurtures and showcases some of the most exciting and talented young artists practicing in the visual arts in South Africa today. This will be accompanied by a critical curatorial programme coupled with an arts education programme aimed at mentoring and guiding young artists in order to develop sustainable careers through their artistic practice. The gallery will create an environment that not only provides opportunities for emerging artists but also cultivates and nurtures young talent. The gallery programme will thus comprise of exhibitions showcasing ‘under-exposed’ artists, promoting well-established artists in the form of mentorship programmes and gradually move into inviting well-renowned international artists for major exhibitions.

Very few initiatives in South Africa have critically engaged the idea of what an integrated contemporary art industry may resemble outside the nationalistic rudiment defined by politics, economic power and cultural capital. The arts, particularly visual arts, remain an estranged part of the daily lives of ordinary people in South Africa. This has not only widened the gap in creating a more inclusive industry, but also reinforced the notion of art as elitist and exclusive in ways that have become problematic.

The result is that over the years many brilliant artists have been left out of the mainstream due to their circumstances and lack of access to major galleries in the country.



Otherwise is a group exhibition comprising 30 contemporary South African artists.  The exhibition endevours to outline the eccentricities of singular and/or outlandish side of human experience in a contemporary sphere, which in itself is a very broad title that artists can interpret at their own discretion.  It is based on the idea of non-conformity and peculiarity, which subsequently coincides with Freedom Day being celebrated locally the day after our official opening.

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