Editorial February


The more you learn about any subject the more you realize there is to learn. At present I am not on a learning curve, I feel like I am climbing the highest mountain imaginable. Every now and then I get a glimpse of the peak only for it to be covered in dense cloud a minute or two later. But it is that glimpse, that promise of reaching the pinacle that keeps me plodding on with now and then a goat-like leap to an illuminating thought process.  And what an exhilirating process this is – setting up our new ImagineMag!

Change in one’s endeavours can be benficial but change brings the necessity of learning and thinking and accepting new concepts, ideas and practices. Then implementing them effectively to see the, hopefully, good results that follow.  Implementation is the key for most achievements.

I am quite sure that everyone is experiencing problems with the power cuts.  But there are some interesting by-products. My singing is improving as when the electricity cuts out my singing becomes a necessity.  I think my dancers have rated me an A for rhythm but my high C’s are in need of work.  But I do enjoy singing and it looks as if I may be getting a fair bit of practise.  Now I just have to work out how to light up like a glow worm and then all will be well in our world.

Meanwhile I have invested in batteries for a portable CD player and console glass bottle lights as temporary measure in our time of need until I can get enough relevant information on solar energy for my requirements at a cost I can afford. Ideas and information welcome.

How many of you recognise our header picture this month?  Those who do will no doubt have good memories just thinking about what must be the most wonderful place on earth where the magnificent Kirstenbosch Botanical gardens embrace the arts and provide this magical setting for this amphitheatre.  Only in Cape Town and I am unashamedly proud to be a Cape Townian.

Amy Gould