OCTOBER EDITORIAL Funding – entrepreneurship – PR ?!??!!!!

An early morning view of this beautiful Snake Vine in full bloom is a wonderful way to start my working day however back to work and the sometimes pleasing and not so  pleasing details that one has to face.

I welcome all the information sent to me.  It might help if people wanting to contribute consider the following:

A Poster is not Promotion it is advertising.

Sending an email referring to an article that I have to go hunting for on the web will not be used.

Send me articles, in word format not pdf, that inform and educate the readers about your organisation and what it is doing not only when you are having an event and want to sell tickets.  Pictures in jpeg form are fine.  Please do not tell me I can find it on your website.

Commercial ventures that tack on a bit about design or art work are not fooling anyone.  You are welcome to send advertorial or list your business as a resource.  I am more than prepared to negotiate and discuss various options.

Press releases should be well written, to the point in supplying the news and please leave out the self indulgent adjectives.

And lastly, I am human.  Politeness goes a long way in oiling the wheels of co-operation.

I love the kind of imagination and creativity Chiro Nott, for the completion of her Master of Fine Art degree, shows for her Golfing/Art/Bringing People Together Day and above all for allowing people to participate physically, mentally and socially.  Exercise for the body, the brain and the emotions.  Nice one Chiro – I look forward to updates.  And if you are anywhere near Grahamstown on November 28 check out this event.

It was with great sadness that I was informed of the Big Wig Opera Company postponement of their November season due to lack of support and funding.  I wish them well and am quite sure this is a spur that will uncover their entrepreneurial talents which they will probably have to polish as hard as their vocal ones.

The arts do have to become more business orientated. The poor will always be with us and talent resides not only in those who have the money to pay for training but in the poor and the unknown.  Demand will always exceed supply but does government and society have not only a moral obligation but an economic one to assist in the growth of its people?  The upliftment of one person can generate and create work for many.

And with this in mind read about another Master student, Alison Bijl – Bundu Bashing Ballerina Botanist, and her research in the the Limpopo area.

I think it was Einstein who said,  `the harder I work the luckier I get’, and   “In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity”.  So, much productive and financially rewarding hard work to everyone.

I look forward to hearing from you.